“Very well crafted and written in the mode of Basho and other hermit poets, men who separated themselves from the violence of society. Utterances both charming and fearless.” – Roger Mitchell, author of Lemon Peeled the Moment Before

Have You Seen Me?
Primordial Pull Chain
Lawn Memorial
In Every Calm River The Bull Shark Turns
The Rain Came
Monarch 1110 Labeler
Invisible Ink
No Habla
Passing Through
Inhibition At 20,000 Feet
Bad Date
The Hermit Stops To Wonder
Shower Fog
My End Of The Telephone
Made In Vain
Smiling In My Beggar’s Robe
Forget It
Mowing On A Thursday
Can’t Relate
The Storms Here Pass Like Three Wheeled Shopping Carts
A String Of Sunlight
Cowboy Curtis
Lonely Old Moose Not Seen
It Ended With A Bee
The Vast Waters Of Your Not Thinking Much Of Me
Silvery Path
Daydream Lady
Accurate Nonsense
If We Meet Again
Fishing On A Melted Pond